Martha to Mary, then to God


Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Martha.

This scene with Jesus gives us an understanding of spiritual priorities. Two woman’s actions, one of service and the other of devotion. Mary having picked the better part of devotion, Jesus calls Martha to settle her worries and pick a better half for herself. In our society we find a similar situation when we busy ourselves with intense intercession (Martha), but that should move us to contemplation of God (Mary).

Both service and devotion are necessary but we need to always remember our service to souls needs to return to the font and foundation of our lives: Jesus Christ.

Our intercessions are bringing humanity to be united back with its Father. We ourselves need to embody this practice of invigorated service with a natural movement toward quiet contemplation.

The whole mission of our society needs to be embodied in our members. Just like there is a time for work and a time for sleep, a time for eating and a time for prayer, so it is in the spiritual life.

We need time to commune with God, let Him steep our hearts, calm our anxieties, secure our bodies, and fill ourselves with fresh grace.

The priority that Jesus makes is to protect us from  the temptation of making our service our identity, and reminding us that our identity is with Jesus Himself, for only He can see to provide for our needs perfectly. We ask for the intercession of Saint Martha today, to help us serve diligently and then contemplate the majesty of God who is sufficient unto Himself for all of humanity!