Let us Rally our Hearts

I want to emphasize in the midst of a Church crisis that we rally our hearts to save the Church from error and unite all the stronger to the Truth that Jesus established and has continued to establish more firmly as our guiding light in the world!

In addition, let us rally our hearts to reconcile our priesthood and leadership to the Truth, as mercifully as they do in the confessional for us and for countless numbers of souls whose untold sins go unspoken except in the seal of confession.

It is not over by finding error. It is the beginning of reconciliation, whereby we cleanse our Church from error – not to kill the sinner, but to redeem them with the truth of their sins and then also the truth of mercy, restoration, transformation, and renewal, so that they too know the power of God and get back to the straight path to heaven.

It is difficult to hear of the heinous acts of those leaders put in place to model Christian morality. Nonetheless, we cannot forget the good acts they did. We should consider our own path of reconciliation which they repeatedly ministered to as priests, despite our grievous errors; maybe not personally, but in the body of the priesthood of Jesus Christ. And that reminds us of what the Church was established for, namely forgiveness, and granting us unmerited grace to return to the Father.

It seems all the more necessary, as grave sin is unearthed, that we remember why and how to reconcile sinfulness before God, no matter the crime. Let’s pray to build a path of truth, reconciliation, and sanctification back to heaven.