Dignity of life

The dignity of life, among other things, presumes the opportunity to live. Whether a person’s life is only a few seconds or over a hundred years, the infinite and Divine Life of Jesus Christ sends the message that His creation of humans in His Image and Likeness reveals our innate God given dignity (Gen. 1:26). God doesn’t make junk!

But all the more important is the mindset we need to instill in ourselves and our children so they understand no matter what sin we see, individual or collective, we continue to treat the human person with reverence, respect, awe and kindness. “Our worth as a society will be measured by the support we give to the vulnerable” (Cardinal Thomas Collins).

We can intercede for life as a Society by adding to our prayers a conversion to the truth of Divine Life, belief in the value of life, and the revelation, inspiration, and understanding of the value of life which floods out into the world each day, and all else God wills to flood out into the world.