To pray for the world is to become its spiritual parent


On this feast day of Saints Ann and Joachim, parents of Mary, we can remember that our society, by virtue of our ministry to all the people of the world, become spiritual parents of the world. Through the intercession of the Sts. Ann and Joachim, may our Society of Our Lady’s Crucified Martyrs accomplish all the parental care for the world that it needs throughout time.

We also ask for all the intercessions necessary for parents in general, but especially those most in need of the spiritual guidance, sustaining, stabilizing, healing, strengthening, enduring, and repair of their faith, hope, charity, and trust in Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church’s teachings.

We offer our sacrifices, love, and prayers for Sts. Ann and Joachim for provision, gratitude, and enduring graces, in perfect accordance with God’s Will. Amen.

Sts Ann and Joachim, help our society use our spiritual tools to be perfect parents to the world today, no matter the miracles necessary to accomplish this end!