Walking members into the studio and photography

After the success of the Carl and Martha portraits, I had to get mom into the studio and put some pro gear in her hands to see how she did. Our charism involves photography, so as founder I want to see if our members will be open to working photography shoots and handling gear. Surprisingly, God is giving the grace for members and providers to be comfortable with holding a heavy camera, learning the gear, taking instruction, and enjoying the art of photography. This makes my fatherly heart happy. Here are mom and my portraits for the day. I was happy with the results.



Taking an outdoor picture requires a different setup and instruction. Blurring the background, cropping out bright lights, distracting backgrounds, and getting the pose and light right. We started with an automatic setting for white balance and then I pulled out the gray card and got an accurate measurement. Mom immediately noticed a difference in the quality. After several takes, I think these were some of the best.