“Courageously begin your work, always trying to discern your true task and the most amount of good that you can do, telling yourself that, whatever your vocation may be, there are always people suffering in mind or body to be cared for, tempers to be calmed, and hearts to be healed. Look for others on this spiritual path and do your best to influence them by your example. During this active phase of your life, let your motto always be ‘Orare et laborare.‘” ~Servant of God, Elisabeth Leseur

As active contemplatives, we observe our world with the eyes of charity. We seek to bring all souls into the Heart of Mary, Jesus, and the Father, both for their redemption and sanctification. With apostolic zeal for souls, we commit ourselves as Crucified Martyrs to the service needed to bring souls to Christ, including ourselves, our Society members, the Church, and the world.

We seek to serve others by recognizing true needs, be they practical, emotional, or spiritual, and taking these to prayer; the ultimate need being the salvation of souls. We reach out with Christian love, seeing friend and stranger alike as the ‘neighbor’ to whom we are all called to serve without discrimination or judgment, like the Good Samaritan on the road of life.

Before all else, we as a Society must take to heart and have before us in all we do that we do it for the true love of Jesus first,  second for others, and ourselves last. Not only does this presume we place Jesus as the center of our heart and others next, but it also should have built in within this that nothing, not one single detail of our lives, is created solely by us.

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