“The paths to holiness are personal and call for a genuine ‘training in holiness,’ adapted to people’s needs… This training in holiness calls for a Christian life distinguished above all in the art of prayer.” ~Pope St. John Paul II






The Society of Our Lady’s Crucified Martyrs (SOLCM) is a diverse group of individuals who are all called to the same ministry: to intercede for souls and the world in order to powerfully help multitudes return to God and the Catholic Church through a ministry of prayer, love, and sacrifice.

Our mission field is as small our own growth in personal holiness, and as large as the issues of the world. We are spiritually small, yet generous of heart, including the world in our intercession. We begin with examining our conscience regularly and surrendering ourselves to God’s direction through a life of faith in the Church and faithfully living out our own personal vocations. From there, we reach outward to intercede for the needs of our families, our loved ones, our neighbors, communities, and as wide as global crises. We are encouraged to make a life of prayer and dedicate ourselves to praying for the world.

We utilize a variety of prayer styles, all within the direction and teachings of the Church, including devotional prayers, contemplative prayer, spiritual warfare, and intercessory prayers of various kinds. Members are known as Crucified Martyrs, who are called to greater love of both God and neighbor, through the ministry of prayer as “contemplative missionaries,” still active in the world wherever God has placed us. In short, we are called to pray and offer sacrifices for the good of souls, and we do that with prayer “tools” and strategies that our founder, Patrick Hart, was inspired by God to pray.

As contemplatives, we observe our world with the eyes of charity. We seek to bring all souls into the Heart of Mary, Jesus, and the Father, both for their redemption and sanctification. With apostolic zeal for souls, we commit ourselves as Crucified Martyrs to the service needed to bring souls to Christ, including ourselves, our families, Society members, the church, and the world.

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