Make Your Home a Vigil of Prayer

Please take this time at home, for those that are home, and make your homes a vigil of prayer. This means making prayer a priority, making Jesus the center of your lives by keeping the furnace of charity for God and souls burning. Prayer is a sacrifice of time and energy, but it is the right and best use of it. It is our charism to establish these sanctuaries of prayer so God can rely on us to fill His hands with good works for those in need.

Every family has different needs, which permits only so much time for prayer, but in this time of quarantine or additional time at home, organize your families around a good use of this time with prayer. If you are available to pray our Society Rosary, please let us know and we’ll conference you in. We also have our Society prayers available either in print or digital version: Protection Prayers, Daily Morning Prayers, and a Prayer Book.

Now is the time to be heroic Crucified Martyrs, on fire for God and souls, generously giving to God so He can work through heaven: Jesus, Blessed Mother, angels and saints, the souls in Purgatory and those of us on Earth to aid those in need.

If you have questions or want to talk privately, you are welcome to call me on our Institute of Prayer & Sacrifice number at 812-225-7888. Know I pray for our Society and your protection so we can please God. If you don’t have a Rosary, exorcised salt, scapular of blessing & protection, our prayers, let us know so we can send them to you or show you how to obtain them online.

Naturally, bringing people home, changing schedules, loss of jobs or reduction in pay, cooping people up suddenly, is going to have an effect. Prayer will keep the peace, hold the family together, provide healing, a way to solve problems, keep the sanity, sanctify, provide protection and help keep the house moving toward holiness.