Adoration Chapel on the Farm

This cedar cut on our United Hearts Farm in 2016 has the appearance of an inflamed United Hearts of Mary, Jesus and the Father Hearts inside each other. The concentric circles of the tree growth emphasize the radiating grace and light of God’s Heart.

The idea behind all that we do is centered on the focus of our lives, the Heart of God. As Catholics, the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ is the font and foundation of our lives. We choose to keep Jesus in the center of our lives, and visually, we hope to build a chapel in the center of our farm as a reminder of the reality of Jesus being at the center of our hearts, our lives.

Additionally, we know that God grants and sustains life. What better metaphor for that than farming, whether it be animal husbandry or plant production. Life on this earth is being attacked and destroyed by selfish motives, so we choose to build an institution that celebrates the life of God in us and live out a life that continues to recognize our life dependence upon God by giving Him his rightful place.

From this model of dependence upon God, we plan our life accordingly. God takes care of our fields, cattle, chickens, and the duties of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, teaching the prayer style given to us and building up a sanctuary of trust in God.

Farming always involves trust. A farmer relies on God to provide sufficient rain for crops and pastures, protection from disease, bringing good out of losses and gains, and people will purchase his food at a fair price. Yet the farmer has the perspective to witness God the Creator’s plan of life, from seed to maturity, to death and rebirth again. Again and again the farmer is motivated by the need to provide at the right time for the needs of many. The care of the life given to him/her. The farmer, like a parent, is tied to the crops and the animals. They need him for life and he needs them for life. God sees all this and reveals to us lessons on the importance of farming for good health.

We look forward to the day when we can place an Adoration Chapel in the center of our farm, always mindful of God’s hand in our life process. It is vital for us in this era of death to see how God works, so we may appreciate and become a message of trust in His provision and will. That is the only true way to eternal life.