Gift of the Holy Spirit: Piety

Particularly important for our society, since we are intercessors, is the gift of piety – defined by Fr. John Hardon, S.J. as, “elevating the virtue of religion. It produces a spontaneous affection for God, as the Author of our being, and an undying loyalty to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord” (p. 75, The Catholic Catechist’s Manual, 2nd Edition).

As our society works to inspire, edify, instill, and grow devotion to God and others in by the society spirit, the action and fruit of the gift of piety is a central part of that being realized. A virtue is a building block of holiness and piety helps us draw closer to Mary, Jesus, and the Father, and this in turn teaches us to love others to such an extent that we love the whole world, all of humanity for the sake of our love of God. The piety in the society is seeking the highest end, that of totally union with God’s Will and also total union with the mission of bringing souls to our beloved Jesus, Mary, and the Father. As St. Louis de Montfort sought to do in his writings, so does the society seek to do in their intercessor life: Bring true devotion to God!