“We cannot go preaching around the world to convert souls, but we are obliged to pray continually for all those souls who are offending God … particularly with our sufferings; that is, with a principle of crucified life.” ~St. Veronica Giuliani

The name, “Society of Our Lady’s Crucified Martyrs” was received in prayer in 2012. The name reveals Our Lady’s choice to offer her maternal protection to this community, and also inspires us to pray at the foot of the cross of her Son, as she did. Through this act, we participate in the further sanctification of the world by joining our prayers and sufferings to her prayers, sacrificial love, and shared victimhood for souls.

As Sorrowful Mother, Our Lady is exceptionally powerful in interceding with her Son to gain victory over sin, progress souls in spiritual growth, protect them from snares, and gain their salvation by preparing them more perfectly, in order to bring them to her Son.

The intimacy of Mary and Jesus, sharing in Christ’s last agony, exemplifies the way Christ uses suffering, love, truth, and prayers as fruit for graces needed here and now. In this powerful disposition, members of our Society share in the same way: to intercede for souls and the world, and to powerfully help multitudes return to God and the Catholic Church through a ministry of prayer, love, and sacrifice. This is our Mission.

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