It is my hope that we can have a self-sustaining farm which provides for the Society and our ministry. Piety farming, a new concept as far as I know, is a farm that grows food and prays for the world. Our growing isn’t simply for ourselves; though at first, that is the first project, but to provide for those around us. We can pray for all aspects of the farming: tilling the soil, fertilizing, germination, growth, harvesting, and giving or selling at market. The piety part is praying for the produce, especially using our setup prayers, so that we can grant to consumers the best spiritual benefit, a “golden egg” as it were.

When we look at how Jesus came to earth and provided humanity with the bread of angels, the food of everlasting life, it is easy to see how a farm dedicated to prayer can be an opportunity to provide for the world, though humble in its beginnings.

Imagine for example, that we pray that a simple chicken egg provide the consumer with the necessary holy desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. At first, that sounds sufficiently a piece of Catholic piety that any person could pray, but if granted to a whole truck load of eggs going out to a community, the measure of that ministry multiplies and the grace magnifies. Then apply that to cow’s milk, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, bacon, bottled spring water, etc. Properly understood, we farm not simply our farm food, but also our intercession from the prayers that go with the “golden eggs.”