Don't deny true forgiveness!


It is important for our righteous movement forward to not give knowledge of our previous sins to the enemy. Perfect holy forgetfulness in our souls is necessary. This practice is necessary – just like we give holy forgetfulness to others as the measure of true forgiveness, we must also give the same to ourselves. We must forget our sins to be free of our bondage to sin.

I am asking this for strategy reasons. If we are to be truly loving, we must (always with God’s assistance) forget our sins. To love each other and love ourselves as God loves us, we must forget the offenses forgiven and absolved by God through His Catholic Church.

This cures scrupulosity, ambiguity, hysteria, keeps our sanity, and finally surrenders our prideful guilt of thinking we are unforgiveable before an all-forgiving God and Church.

Today let’s ask as a Society, both for ourselves and the world, for the grace to truly forgive ourselves and truly forget our sins.

Our Holy Mother Church gives us absolution, not simply forgiveness. That means the sin does not exist any longer in truth.

The measure of our forgiveness of others and self is forgetfulness. We oftentimes need help forgetting offenses and need a measure of healing, restoration and trust to reestablish relationships. God has the best solution to reestablishing trust after it has been broken and it involves eventually forgetfulness. Even our crucified Lord gives us a degree of forgetfulness while reminding us of His Redemptive sacrifice on the cross, holding secretly our sins in His wounds.

Other sins are more publicly known, but most of them are illumined internally and confessed privately.

Exceptional Jesus Christ, knowing all our sinfulness, please help us forget our confessed, forgiven, and absolved sins that we struggle to let go of. Help us no longer be proud, but believe in truth that your Mercy is greater than our defects.

Help us, Exceptional Jesus, to help those who don’t know to ask for holy forgetfulness yet, who have repented and await our prayers to free them from false guilt.

We offer our memories and all that rekindles those memories to your Merciful Care, so we can once again be truly all Yours!

Most Holy Spirit, inflame this world with the holy forgetfulness they need to be solid in the righteous truth of God’s Absolution.