Live Heroically to Survive!


It can be a struggle for Catholics to live their faith nowadays. This morning before Mass, I was happy to see more than seven men behind me in the confession line. This stirs a Catholic man’s heart with appreciation for God’s work. It is vital to live a sacramental life!

In our present age, and truly it is always so, we are called to live the fullness of the dignity of our Catholic Faith. Regular confession and communion is health to our souls, and yet there is more to do. We have to live heroically, doing for others what they cannot do for themselves. If we simply do what is required for our souls, this too can become a selfishness. We must rise to service of others!

One reason God has prompted our Society prayers for the whole world is to teach us heroic generosity. Please don’t squander moments of prayer upon only your issues or crisis, but train your hearts and minds to think heroically generously of all people. Place this on the end of all your prayers, “…and for all others who need this prayer.” This will train you to open your heart and focus outside yourself and your problems.

When you are preparing for confession and asking for an illumination of conscience, knowledge of your sins, etc., ask the same for all others who need it. And when you finish your confession and do your penance, double it and offer it for others who need it. Think creatively how you can do more as an intercessor.

Catholicism is in need of great growth and this isn’t going to happen if we only do the necessary amount to save our souls. Our Society endorses creativity in prayer because it comes from the true love of God and neighbor which by it’s nature multiplies and magnifies. Share the wealth of your heart and do more!