What Matters


What matters in our founding of this Society is the salvation of souls. It is not, nor should it ever be, for any selfish purpose – no matter what person it is. Truly it does not matter what position, reputation, or esteem in the eyes of others you have or can potentially have. What matters is your ability to influence others toward their salvation! The sole reason we are founding this Society is to give to the world and especially those who band together to help us accomplish this, a stronger and purer influence of love of God and neighbor that will influence their own salvation and those of the world.

The reason we speak of “no stone unturned” in our Society is because it refers to a check for ourselves against compromising. We are aware of the deceptiveness of the enemy and the blindness of humanity. The deception often comes from slight temptations and so we have to work on being honest and humble about who we are becoming. Those who help us are truly helping to save souls. Those who knowingly oppose us are preventing the saving of souls.

We are praying for the whole world, nobody is excluded; and in a simple statement, this is truly an all-win. Everybody receives something from our Society. We don’t know exactly what, as petitions go to God, but we know our hearts are asking for noble acts for everybody, and that is worth something. We think that is how God would want us to be:  generous to all.

We also hope our Society generosity will reach others and they will join us in praying for the heart of the world and supporting us in this mission.