“Prayers without love are like kites without wind: No wind, no height.” ~Patrick Hart, Founder

Here is our petitions page where anybody can post a petition. Keep in mind that the post is public, but that means others can also join us in prayer. Be specific enough for intercession and broad enough to cover others with the same need.

As a Society, we have several tools for petitions. Here are two of them to keep in mind:

1. Universalis – With this tool, we request that when God provides a need for one person, all other souls who need it throughout the world and even throughout time will receive it.

2. Multiply – This tool is used to ensure that the amount of grace given for this petition is also given to others who need it, thus multiplying it to others.

Basic petition guidelines:  Start specific and end broad, or vice versa. Example: For my mother’s rash and for all those with rashes that are in need of care, healing, or resolution.

God bless all your petitioning+ Patrick-Founder SOLCM.

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