CM Identity

It is important that Crucified Martyrs have a unique calling specific to our mission. It is important that those called to our flock understand the significance of having a well-developed reason for why they are Crucified Martyrs. Our name is unique itself, but there needs to be characteristics of our spirituality, such as practices, how we view and understand art, our worldview, and specific daily duties that set us apart as unique. We are always Catholic and inside Roman Catholicism, remaining faithful to our faith.

Identity is a gift to a person. It gives them a life in Christ that they personally know is true for them, that they belong to Christ. In CM identity, we are referring to identity with Christ Jesus. The identity is not only in the crucified Lord Jesus, but the victoriousness of the whole passion and resurrection, which is about the redemptive process for all humanity. We choose to walk with Jesus, truly loving Him, building trust, and accepting the crosses for ourselves and others to obtain the victory of the cross. We truly love to advance God’s Heart in our hearts, so it may be fit to crucify and martyr the falsehood and errors to become a holy truster and therefore holy lover of God.

We want to continue to build up our CM identity because we don’t want to lose this gift. It needs practices to engrain it deeply in us.

Here is a practice unique to CM identity:

When you go into a church with the reserved Eucharist Heart of Jesus, make an act of charity specific to our charism by saying, “I love you, God, in all tabernacles of the world, with the love of the Society of Our Lady’s Crucified Martyrs!” Do this while genuflecting and signing yourself with the sign of our Christian identity – the sign of the cross.

A CM identity gives to us a clear vision of our place in the Church and the world. This identity needs to be strong, clear, well understood, and at the heart of all how we accomplish goals. Each member will advance this identity specific to themselves, while still being a CM.