“We are not enclosed, as in a cloister; yet we are missionaries. We are called to seek out, to reach out; and the way we do that is through intercessory prayer.” ~Patrick Hart, founder

The Church sees a missionary charism different than other charisms of the Church, and at the same time realizes that the whole Church itself is on mission so long as even one human lives; for the light of Christ seeks to be known.

The motivation of the missionary is Divine Charity burning in our hearts to spread the light of Christ to the world. Abiding in this Furnace of Charity is what motivates our society to pray for the world, suffer, love, catechize, proclaim, and intercede for souls.

In the Society of Our Lady’s Crucified Martyrs (SOLCM), this mission is principally expressed through intercessory prayer.

Various Types of Prayer we Participate in:

  • Traditional, grace-filling prayers:  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, The Holy Rosary, The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, other devotional prayers
  • Intercessory Prayers for specific needs
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Deliverance and Healing Prayers
  • Setup Prayers – Spiritually engineered prayers, unique to the Society spirituality
  • Prayers for the world – Global Ministry