Tragic Tale of Humanity


The tragic tale of humanity is hearing the gospel, the truly Good News of our salvation, and not living it! There are people who have not heard the gospel. There are people who have, and as the seeds of the parable hit on rocky soil, do not grow roots. And then there are many other circumstances, one of which is that the gospel message is grouped among weeds and is choked out. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to live in this world of paganism because it is threatening our Christian and Catholic values. We must take action to simplify our lives, make and move to sanctuaries where we can grow strong, be restored, and grow strong in faith!

It is tragic when we are not clearly living a life in holy response to the gospel. Remember, the summary of the gospel is to love God above all else and neighbor as self. The foundation of society is shaken and we are on the defense of our faith, so now is the time to stabilize our lives by building sanctuaries that are kept pure, protected, and filled with the life of God’s Heart, the Eucharist.

The lack of true and zealous response to the gospel is what becomes tragic. We must work toward the preservation of the Catholic Faith we have, or, by dilution of a worldly life, we will lose it. We must be ever-vigilant in keeping our Catholic Faith uncompromised and keep our lives simple to living evident lives of trust in God. We must band together, make a community of the Body of Christ, and build each other up in faith, hope, and charity! Let us not make the mistake of getting so engrossed in the world that we demean our faith by a worldly lifestyle.

We desire to not be tragic, but to be heroic builders and nurturers of the Body of Jesus Christ! We can do it with the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the Father’s Heart!