Devotional art is within the Society charism


Another aspect of our charism is Catholic religious art. We know in early Christianity, iconography images of the Madonna and Child, the saints, and Jesus were predominant in the inspiration of Christians and an object of devotion. The idea behind iconography, being that each part of the artist’s inspiration is prayed upon, is that it becomes a window to heaven through the subject of the art.
We find inspiration from these forms of art, so as to draw us deeper into devotion, to enlighten our hearts and lift our minds to higher things, and to encourage us to value the holy dignity of humanity and God’s Eternal Dignity.
It is with these devotional images that we deepen our ability to be devoted to God and our fellow humanity, to the extent of stirring in us a heroic and valiant desire to be saints!
Let us take a moment to pray into and through Our Holy Mother in this image, into Her Hands, into Her Immaculate Heart, lay ourselves gently upon her Maternal Chest, and find the stability of faith that only a mother can give and that every child needs.
May the whole world find tranquility, praise, and renewed love for such a Mother that would devote Her Life to Her Son to the measure that would unite Them Eternally in the crucifixion and the mission of loving the heart of the world with Their Martyrdom of Love.