“Whoever goes to our crucified Lord will find His Mother with Him – where the Son is, there is the Mother.” ~St. Paul of the Cross

Our founder received this name in prayer as maternal protection from Our Lady and as an inspiration to pray at the foot of the cross of Jesus, whereby we participate in the redemption of the world through Jesus’ and Mary’s prayers, sacrificial love, and shared victimhood for souls.

As Sorrowful Mother, Our Lady is most powerful in interceding with her Son to gain victory over sin, progress souls spiritually, protect them from snares, untie their “knots,” and gain their salvation by preparing them more perfectly for her Son.

The intimacy of Mary and Jesus at the foot of the cross sharing in Christ’s last agony exemplify the way Christ uses the suffering, love, truth, and prayers as fruit for the grace needed here and now. In this powerful disposition, members of our society share in the same way to intercede for souls and the world, to powerfully help multitudes return to God and the Catholic Church. This is our Mission.

“We cannot go preaching around the world to convert souls, but we are obliged to pray continually for all those souls who are offending God … particularly with our sufferings; that is, with a principle of crucified life.” ~St. Veronica Giuliani

We as a Society live inside the intimate wounds and love of Christ and do His work by our sharing in the crucifixion of ourselves with Christ and the love of others as Christ loves the world. As Mary leads us to her Son, so we, in imitation of Her, join in this Mission of intercession; imploring our Lord on behalf of souls in need so they may obtain greater holiness, and ultimately, the joy of heaven with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We express this Mission through love of God and souls.

The generosity of The Father knows no bounds, and with the same model, the society’s love and intercession knows no bounds.

The member of SOLCM becomes a prayer warrior, willing to die to self for the love of Christ and the sake of souls. All is offered to the Father through Jesus, through Mary, as she gazed on her Son at the foot of the cross, in total surrender to the Father’s Will.

We wish others to join us in this role to heroically intercede for others for the grace to lay aside the trappings of sin and darkness and grow in their own need for holiness, so that one day, all might come to see the glory of God in His Kingdom.

This type of charism is applicable to any state of life – ordained, consecrated religious, or married persons. God calls all of us to pray with love.

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