Colored Eggs

The challenge we face in the colored egg business is demand. Unfortunately, the majority of people think that all eggs are generic, white-colored things that are nutritionally identical. A niche market of nutritionally aware people has been growing to buy more nutritious eggs, and the market currently thinks that is related to color. Is there a market for a naturally colored egg? Is it worth more or equal to farmer’s market eggs and /or commercially grown white eggs?

Why invest in exotic chickens that lay colored eggs when nobody wants or is willing to pay for them? First, it is and has always been about self-sustaining, so we enjoy the freshness and control over our own nutrition, and the colors are fun! Why not throw some color in there while you’re at it. White eggs every day gets boring. Why not have an extra large green egg with speckles and a golden orange yolk that tastes more eggy than the flat commerical egg? And that’s why we enjoy keeping the colored chicks around!

I think it is simply a matter of marketing the colored egg as such and of course keep them as nutritious as you can! Let’s pray for a colored egg market!