Much time is being spent on the United Hearts Farm so after requests for a blog on this, here is a page dedicated to farm activities.

We are currently raising egg laying chickens. Our adult chickens are Buff Orpington (toned or light brown colored shell), Rhode Island Red (toned), French Black Copper Marans (dark brown), and Ameraucanas (green) . We have pullets that are Rhode Island White (toned), Barnevelder (dark brown), Cream Legbar (blue), Welsummer (dark brown), White Leghorn (white), Australorp (toned), Buff Orpington-rooster.

It has been a tough learning curve raising the chicks to pullets, the last 3 months. We’ve lost nearly 50 chicks and at times it was a triage tragedy for days, but I think we have the stronger ones living and running around happy and healthy, despite the winter weather.